Navigating 2024's Gen Z Hiring Trends: A Guide for Employers

Navigating 2024's Gen Z Hiring Trends: A Guide for Employers

In 2024, the number of Gen Z employees will surpass that of baby boomers, according to a report by Glassdoor. Furthermore, McKinsey & Company predicts that Gen Z will occupy twenty-five percent of the workforce by 2025.

This is why employers must focus on attracting and retaining these bright, innovative young minds to succeed in the long run in today's competitive workforce. Building a strong talent pipeline requires understanding Gen Z's preferences, motivations, and aspirations. 

This article shares the top Gen Z hiring trends shaping the workforce in 2024.


1. Ensure that your diversity and inclusion are visible. 


An important Gen Z hiring trend is the value this generation places on diversity and inclusion. Gen Z grew up in an increasingly diverse environment, and they see diversity and inclusion as integral to their personal and work lives. They and employers fully understand that diversity positively impacts innovation, creativity, and decision-making. They want to be a part of this action. 

According to Mckinsey, Gen Z is also generally known for its idealism, they’re part of a new wave of “inclusive consumers” and socially progressive dreamers. Generally speaking, Gen Z’s believe in doing their part to help stop the intensification of climate change and to establish greater equity for all. More than any other generation, Gen Z collectively demands purpose and accountability, the creation of more opportunities for people of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, and rigorous sustainable and green practices.

Additionally, Gen Z employees want a workplace that celebrates diversity and allows them to be who they authentically are. They want an inclusive and respectful workplace for everyone, with colleagues who value diversity and inclusion.


2. Offer flexible work arrangements that include in-office time. 


A healthy work-life balance is a top priority for Gen Z and will be a big Gen Z hiring trend; however, they don’t want to work entirely remotely. They value the face-to-face interactions, collaborative environments, and human interactions offered in a traditional work environment. 

Flexibility is the most important requirement for Gen Z employees, according to a recent Deloitte study. Furthermore, according to seventy-five per cent of Gen Z respondents, workplace flexibility would be preferred over one with a higher salary. 

Offering flexible work schedules, remote work options, and other work-life balance benefits will be a top Gen Z hiring trend in 2024 and will increase an employer's ability to attract and retain top Gen Z talent.


3. Feed the need for continuous learning.


Gen Z’s have a thirst for knowledge and growth and actively seek opportunities to continuously learn and develop. Gen Z values mentorship, craves feedback and easily adapts to the ever-changing workplace landscape. Their commitment to continuous learning and development makes them valuable assets, as they are committed to self-development, which contributes to the success of any organisation.

With this in mind, it makes business sense for employers to emphasise opportunities for learning and development in their hiring strategy. Employers offering training programmes, mentorship, and upskilling initiatives will attract and retain Gen Z talent.


4. Provide mental health support


Gen Z is increasingly concerned about mental health and wellness, and they understand the correlation between psychological well-being and productivity.  Gen Zers seem less inclined to discriminate against people with mental illness than other generations. 

To attract and retain this top talent, employers should foster a supportive environment where employees feel comfortable seeking support, discussing their psychological struggles, and accessing any resources available to assist them.


5. Focus on skills-based hiring


Skills are starting to take precedence over traditional qualifications in the eyes of employers. Companies have been adapting their hiring processes to effectively identify and assess the practical skills and experiences that Gen Z values. 

Gen Z candidates prefer to acquire practical skills and develop them through on-the-job experiences, so offering skills-based hiring will significantly benefit this generation.


6. Adopt transparent, regular communication


Transparent and open communication is a key Gen Z hiring trend for 2024. Many of Gen Z look for honesty and integrity in their employers, so much so that if an employer lacks this trait, Gen Z would see this as a deal breaker. This generation is more demanding than any other in terms of total transparency regarding decisions, values, expectations, and career growth opportunities.

More than eighty percent of Gen Z believe that embracing failure on a project will enable them to innovate and grow. Gen Z wants their superiors to be upfront when they make mistakes rather than sugar-coat or avoid the conversation entirely. This generation craves feedback and embraces constructive criticism.

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The opportunities for career growth and learning, flexible working to enable life balance, inclusion and diversity, and mental health support, as well as honest feedback and recognition, are what drive Gen Z. Understanding these motivators helps organisations create an engaging and supportive environment for Gen Z employees. 

RecruitAGraduate works closely with this unique generation, and we understand the importance of building a thriving, future-proof workforce that benefits both employees and employers alike. Speak to us if you need assistance in navigating the Gen Z hiring process.

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