What are the Employer fees to hire an intern on RecruitAGraduate?

As an employer, you buy credits up front on RecruitAGraduate. 

These credits expire after 36 months. 

The cost excluding VAT: 

R 5000 for 1-5 interns hired

R 4000 for 6-10 interns hired

R 3500 for 11-20 interns hired

Chat to us if you need more than 20 interns

1 Hire = 1 Credit

The Service includes: 

When can someone take family responsibility leave?

The Department of Labour offers basic guides to key topics within labour legislation. Read on for our summary of Family Responsibility Leave.

What is Family Responsibility Leave?

Workers may take up to 3 days of paid leave a year to attend to certain family responsibilities.

Who does it apply to:

Who should write me a reference?

References should not be colleagues or family unless specifically requested. It must be written by someone supervising you.

Does RecruitAGraduate assist with sourcing youths for YES?

Does RecruitAGraduate assist with sourcing youths for YES? 


  •  Companies may recruit youth from any partner they choose. 
  • YES has not endorsed any consultancies to charge fees for registration services of YES. 

What is YES? 

South Africa’s Youth Employment Service aims to create jobs for the youth in line with South Africa’s national development goals. Once a company is registered with the YES platform you can recieve the benefits. Recruit A Graduate assists companies to source youth for the YES program. 

Why is correct grammar and spelling important on my CV?

The use of incorrect grammar and spelling is unprofessional and immediately creates a negative perception of you to a potential employer. Ensure you ask someone to read your work or use an app such as Grammarly to check your application.

How do I create a professional CV?

RecruitAGraduate has a CV template which will guide candidates as to the information needed to complete their CV.

What types of graduate jobs does RecruitAGraduate advertise?

RegruitAGraduate advertises jobs for graduates. We offer a full agency recruitment service or a self-service recruiting option. 

Employers can hire a graduate by posting a job on our site. These jobs can include jobs for college and university graduates, jobs for apprentices or jobs for internships in South Africa or globally. We make it easy to hire and recruit graduates by bringing them to you via this graduate centric site. 

Who will see my CV information?

Your CV will only be presented to a potential employer if you apply for a graduate job on our website. Your CV will be seen by our professional recruiters and they may contact you to ask you to apply for a position if you have not done so.

We have a strong philosophy of protecting your privacy.  See our Privacy Policy for more detail.

How does RecruitAGraduate work?

RecruitAGraduate is an online recruitment agency where employers and recruiters can employ graduates, interns and apprentices from registered higher education institutions for permanent or contract positions and internships. 

It's the go-to site for jobs for talented graduates and trusty interns in South Africa. 


What is a registered higher education institution?

For a private education institution to provide tertiary education, it must be registered with The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

State-owned higher education institutions are included as registered institutions.