What is an internship?

What is an internship?

Internships can be paid or unpaid, they can vary in duration, and they are designed to benefit both the graduate and the employer. As a graduate, you will do on-the-job training and experience a real work environment.  It’s a way to put into practice what you have learnt at College or University. Employers, on the other hand, gain from the skills of new graduates and facilitate future talent growth strategies within their organisations. 


How do I find out about internships?

Many companies big and small offer internships for graduates across many industries and sectors. Bigger companies have specifically designed internship programmes where you will need to follow the full programme.  Some will advertise these on their websites or a site like RecruitAGraduate. 

There are many advantages to an internship. 

  • You get work experience which you can put on your CV.
  • You get to implement the theory of what you have studied. 
  • Companies may rotate you into different departments to try various types of roles. By trying out these different roles, you get to see if they suit you and if you want to pursue them further
  • You get to have new experiences and meet new people. 

When applying for an internship, treat it as if you were asking for a job. Use a professional looking CV and ensure if you are invited for an interview that you dress appropriately. 

Many companies use internships as a way to source future permanent employees, and so this is an opportunity for you to shine. 

Have an outstanding attitude and do the job to the best of your ability. Never be afraid to ask questions. As an intern, you are learning and so use the opportunity to learn as much as possible. 

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