Does RecruitAGraduate assist with sourcing youths for YES?

Does RecruitAGraduate assist with sourcing youths for YES? 


  •  Companies may recruit youth from any partner they choose. 
  • YES has not endorsed any consultancies to charge fees for registration services of YES. 

What is YES? 

South Africa’s Youth Employment Service aims to create jobs for the youth in line with South Africa’s national development goals. Once a company is registered with the YES platform you can recieve the benefits. Recruit A Graduate assists companies to source youth for the YES program. 

How can my company benefit from YES? 

YES is a business-driven initiative which is a partnership with government and labour, in collectively tackling a national plan to build economic pathways for black youth. YES aims to create one million jobs for youth. In this process, a business can gain one or two levels on their B-BBEE scorecard by hosting a YES youth for a period of 1 year. There is deep value in our tech-driven youth behavioural content to nurture and motivate young people and business throughout the year. This technology assists business and our youth in succeeding in their first work experience. 

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