Unleash Your Career Potential And Succeed In Your First Job

Unleash Your Career Potential And Succeed In Your First Job

So you landed your first job? Here are 7 tips to becoming a valued employee from the get-go. 

After you’ve been through an interview process, and you’ve landed the job offer you were hoping for, it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. This is exciting and an excellent way for you to show up and bring your A-game to the company you’re joining. 

There are reasons the employer has chosen you to fill this particular position. They would have considered their options, and they would have assessed you in a couple of ways to see if you have what they are looking for. Forward-thinking employers are on the lookout for graduates who won’t just warm their seats in-office or remotely, but rather employees who are intentional, skilled and who can think for themselves. If you were selected for a job, then your best foot forward is what they expect from you. 

These tips below will help you to show up, and be an asset from day one. 

#1 Be proactive and have a growth mindset

You might have heard of a ‘growth mindset’ before and from an employer’s perspective it is an incredibly valuable thing for employees to have, especially when you are new. Having the right skills for a job is just the beginning, a growth mindset means you are teachable, resilient and willing to keep on learning. It isn’t easy to start a new job, it just takes some adjusting, so having a growth mindset is a great tool in your toolbox and will help you to overcome and grow into your new role with confidence.

#2 Consider your attitude 

Your attitude in a new job will almost always determine how much you enjoy the job and how valuable you are to the company. Do your best to have a positive attitude and don’t sweat the small stuff. This works closely with your growth mindset. 

A great example of a good attitude at work is to be faithful with the smaller, more menial talks you might be given. There will be smaller tasks in any job, so your attitude and how you tackle these says a lot about your character. Don’t just panic, and jump ship because you think you’ll be stuck in a job with menial tasks forever. Do your best with the smaller tasks, think outside the box, take initiative with them and offer new solutions for them. Employers will start to trust you to handle more responsibility when you show up and prove yourself with the little things. 

#3 Watch your tongue: communication is essential 

The way you communicate, or don’t communicate at work can make or break your interpersonal and professional relationships with colleagues and managers. This is especially important in a day and age where hybrid, flexible and remote work is the new normal. For example, over-communication is essential in a remote work environment. Be sure your managers know where you are at with your work and what they can expect from you no matter what your work set up is. 

Consider the way you address others and your boss. Would you talk to your boss like you would talk to a friend? Not at all! Be clear and keep your language and tone professional and positive. 

#4 Work with your boss and colleagues, not against them 

We understand that you are possibly bursting at the seams with ideas, excitement and big dreams for the company. Even if you aren’t overly excited, you still want to make sure you work together with the unique people around you. Don’t be a pushover, but offer ideas and do your best to work together and keep things above reproach and harmonious. Remember, your ideas are not your identity, when ideas get shot down don’t stress, you will always have more!  Hold onto the fact that you were chosen above other candidates for a reason, and you have what you need to succeed in this job.

#5 Set up your workflow and system

When you’re new in a job, it’s essential to get settled and organised as quickly as possible so you don’t flounder when more work is thrown in your direction. Be yourself and work in a system that works best for you. Sometimes the systems are already in place, which is great. Do your best to work with the systems, and manage your own work flow in the way that suits you best.

#6 Take responsibility and be professional 

One of the best ways to prove you are an asset in a company is to take responsibility. Employers seek out the problem solvers and those who have the potential to work with autonomy and who will take ownership of their work. Make sure you are above reproach and handle work situations professionally, not personally. Don’t take things to heart too quickly, give others the benefit of the doubt and save any ‘venting’ for outside of the workplace. Always assume someone’s intent is positive, there are great benefits to this ‘API concept’. 

#7 Work hard and set goals

You are unique and have great skills to bring to the table. The best way to work on purpose and for a purpose is to set goals for yourself along the way. There’s nothing more motivating than reaching milestones in your career and achieving small and big goals in your job.

It’s important to remember that you have the skills you need to succeed in your first job. The employer who hired you is trusting you to fulfil the role set out for you. Stay confident in what you can bring to the table and keep showing up. When you are able to overcome the odds and push through the growth you will certainly succeed in your career.  We believe in you and we know that you are capable of so much more than you think! 

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