Tips on How To Attract Top Graduates

Tips on How To Attract Top Graduates

To attract top graduates is imperative for the long-term success and talent pipeline of any forward-thinking company. Graduates add considerable value through newly gained skills; they bring a fresh energy and perspective and are a proven return on investment.

When hiring graduates, what you offer really needs to stand out in order to attract the cream of the crop. You’ll need to demonstrate to graduates why your company has more to offer them than any other company out there and RecruitAGraduate can tell you how. 

Here are RecruitAGraduate’s expert tips to make sure your company’s graduate recruitment drive stand out from the crowd:


1. Communicate Your Company’s Purpose Clearly

Today’s graduate candidates are looking beyond a job, they care about connection. They want to know they’re committing their career to a cause which they care about and want to be part of delivering. A company which has a clear purpose will attract like-minded graduates to the company. Graduates will be that much more loyal when they can connect to a team operating with a greater purpose and positive social impact. 

Phillipa Geard, CEO and founder of RecruitMyMom and RecruitAGraduate confirms this with reference to her own team, “At RecruitAGraduate, every young person placed in a job is cause for celebration.” She says, “We measure our success at the end of each month in 'number of lives touched.’ This measure is a motivator for our staff, as everyone treats the company purpose as a personal purpose.” When staff members work towards a shared vision, work becomes more than 'just a salary'. 


2. Embrace Digitisation and New Technology 

Remember, you’re talking to a generation of candidates who mastered the WWW before their ABC’s. In fact, one of the many benefits of hiring graduates is the reverse-mentoring they can offer your company within the digital space. 

“Graduates are tech-savvy and bring new, exciting skills and diverse ways of thinking into a business.” Phillipa agreed, “But in order to attract them to your company in the first place, you need to show that you are staying up-to-date with the rapid digitization of the workplace.”


3. Map out Career Development Plans

This is a key element for attracting top talent. Bright and ambitious graduates want more than just a salary at the end of the month; they want the surety their longer term career goals can be met within the company. As such, it’s of the utmost importance to show candidates you have their career path as much in mind as they do during the recruitment process. Discuss with them your mentoring programmes, in-house training, and any opportunities there might be for further studies. Assure bright candidates there will be special tasks or projects assigned for exceptional staff. This all goes a long way to making graduates feel that they will be seen and supported in your company. 


4. Focus on Diversity

Graduates care about diversity and inclusion – and so should you. Great minds don’t think alike. And in order for your company to thrive in the current market, you’re going to need a team from diverse backgrounds who bring their unique experiences to the table.

To attract top graduates, ensure that you are genuinely committed to equal opportunities and are vocal about it. Make sure that your recruitment team doing the interviews is made up of a diverse group of people - or you may end up with ‘like hiring like.’  

Remember, diversity attracts diversity. Diversity in leadership signals to candidates you are a well run company and is a key way to attract top diverse talent to join your firm.


5. Pay a Good Wage 

It’s true, graduates are cost effective hires, but the most sought after, skilled  graduates are going to have options. Ensure you don’t lose out over money. If you interview a graduate who you can see adding real value, and becoming a valuable member of the team, then go ahead and offer the higher end of the salary spectrum. That slightly higher salary will ensure you aren’t out-bid by the bigger companies, as well as earn you the candidate’s trust, loyalty and dedication.

Don’t wait too long before starting your graduate hiring – now is the perfect time. Get in touch with RecruitAGraduate and we’ll provide you with our professional service in delivering  the best quality graduates and interns, saving you time and improving your hiring success.

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