Maximising Value: Why Hiring Graduates is Key to Addressing Skill Shortages in Today's Job Market

Why Hiring Graduates is Key to Addressing Skill Shortages

Employers in today's job market are dealing with a common problem: a lack of skilled employees. When companies have trouble filling vacancies as is the case at the moment, skills shortages emerge. According to a study by ManPowerGroup, over the past year, 75% of companies have reported difficulty recruiting qualified talent. They also pointed out that 75% of businesses are having trouble hiring qualified people to fill unfilled positions.

Given the growing divide, the issue is that organisations aren't quite ready for this transformation. In the face of technology and shifting market trends, two out of every three companies don't know how to adequately staff their operations with the skills they require to function effectively.


The most in-demand skills, according to ManpowerGroup: The Talent Shortage

What is causing this skills shortage?

According to SHRM, competition and job requirements are the two major obstacles to finding candidates.

The top reasons why organisations are struggling to find suitable candidates with the right skill sets are:

  • Competition from other employers
  • Inadequate candidate work experience
  • A lack of technical skills
  • A low number of applicants or lack of interest in the organisation
  • Salaries and benefits are not competitive for the market
  • Candidates do not have the right workplace (soft) skills

It makes sense: the technology used at work is evolving faster than people are learning.

Most hiring managers and even employees think that technology, including AI, is changing the skills people need in the workplace. However, these are not necessarily skills learnt in colleges or universities, and employees are not receiving the training they need. As every aspect of life becomes more tech-enabled, human strengths stand out - reliability, self-discipline, creativity and originality are among the top in-demand soft skills.


In-demand soft skills, according to ManpowerGroup: The Talent Shortage

The fact that certain jobs need specialists with years of experience doesn't help either. 

As a result, the few individuals who have the knowledge and expertise needed for today's job market have their pick of organisations.

This problem is widespread across multiple sectors and can be detrimental to an organisation's capacity to achieve success. However, there is a solution that addresses this problem and offers numerous benefits for companies - hiring graduates

Addressing the skills shortages - the power of investing in graduates

Investing in graduates can bring numerous benefits to companies. Graduates are eager and willing to learn, making them great candidates for training and development programmes. They also possess the latest knowledge and skills in their respective fields, which is critical for organisations looking to stay competitive.

Hiring graduates can help businesses tap into new talent pools they may not have considered. This diversity of thought can lead to innovative ideas and approaches that drive company growth.

The potential long-term impact on staff retention rates is another benefit of investing in recent graduates. You can nurture a dedicated staff member by offering opportunities for professional development and progression within the organisation.

By investing in graduates now, companies can create a pipeline of future leaders who will carry their mission forward. These individuals could become key players within your organization or industry leaders someday.

The power of investing in graduates cannot be underestimated. From fresh perspectives to long-term ROI, there are many reasons why hiring recent grads should be a top priority for organizations facing skill shortages today.

Hiring graduates is key to addressing skill shortages in today's job market. Employers should consider investing in these talented individuals as part of their recruitment strategy, both now and in the years ahead. Doing so will enable them to build a capable and adaptable workforce - two qualities essential for success in any business environment!


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