Hiring Graduate Developers and the Flexibility Conundrum

Hiring graduate developers and the flexibility conundrum

Hiring graduate developers is a time-consuming and costly recruitment process, and it can be frustrating if the developers are head-hunted shortly after being trained. Employers often face a dilemma when hiring developer grads: hiring and training them in the office or enabling them to work remotely and compromising on peer-to-peer learning and employee connection.

After all, numerous surveys show that flexibility is the top priority for Gen Z job seekers - the future highly tech-savvy workforce. This flexibility is often synonymous with remote work options. According to industry experts, Gen Z employees value the freedom to work independently and make their own decisions, including the ability to choose their work environment, schedule, and approach to tasks.

Generation Z, typically born between 1997 and 2015, represents nearly 27.5 million individuals in South Africa, a significant percentage of our population and current cohort of graduates.

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A recent survey by OfferZen reveals that over 50% of developers will quit if forced to come back to the office as flexible work policies change.


A hiring solution is hybrid working

Our extensive knowledge and experience working with graduates in South Africa reveals a clear trend: the majority of graduates seek a hybrid work arrangement, combining the benefits of remote and in-office work to suit their social and individual needs and maximise productivity.

Hybrid working for developer graduates enables the best of in-office peer-to-peer training and connection and allows the independence and autonomy sought by Gen Z.

Work from home (WFH) an alternative option for firms seeking to hire remote graduate developers

Many companies are looking for cost-effective young talent to train remotely and mould into skilled resources that add value to the business. Hiring graduate developers in fully remote dev jobs is attractive to South African grads, especially if the company culture is young and innovative and offers a prospect of career growth.


Why hire South African developer grads?

Cost Savings

Attract dev grads from South Africa at a significantly reduced cost of developed markets. Hiring remotely saves on office and other overhead costs.


Increased Flexibility

Allow developers to work in a setting that is most conducive to their productivity and creativity.


Competitive Advantage

Stand out from other employers by offering flexible and modern work arrangements. This will help you retain trained developers who seek the autonomy to work from where they want to work.


Increased Productivity

Trust developers to manage their time and work effectively in a remote setting, leading to increased engagement, productivity and job satisfaction and ultimately loyalty.


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