Gaining Deeper Insights Into The Expectations And Motivations Of Today's Graduates

Gaining Deeper Insights Into The Expectations And Motivations Of Today's Graduates

Hiring graduates is a valuable asset to any organisation. Graduates bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table, which can be instrumental in driving creativity and problem-solving within the company. 

Graduates’ expectations and motivations are changing the nature of the labour market. To create an environment that meets their expectations, it is important to better understand these aspects as employers. Here are some of the most significant aspects:


Work-life integration


Today's graduates, as opposed to previous generations, place a great priority on work-life integration. They aim for professional success while appreciating the value of maintaining a balanced personal life. To support employees' well-being, employers must provide flexible working hours, encourage remote work possibilities, and promote self-care. Top talent will be attracted to and retained by organisations that put a high priority on integrating work and life because they understand the beneficial impact it has on productivity, engagement, and general job satisfaction.


Growth and development


Graduates want to keep learning and improving their skill sets. They look for organisations that offer ample opportunities for career development, such as mentoring initiatives, training sessions, and clear paths for development. By providing ongoing learning opportunities, cross-functional projects, and frequent feedback sessions, employers will promote a culture of growth. Graduates will thrive if their potential is recognised and nurtured, and this will also benefit the organisation in the long run.

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Flexible Work Arrangements


As a 100 percent remote team, RecruitAGraduate sees the benefit of flexible work arrangements. Today's graduates are drawn to companies that offer the freedom to work remotely or provide hybrid work models. These are the same individuals who were forced out of the lecture hall or classroom to finish their studies at home during Covid-19. They are adaptable, and they appreciate the autonomy and increased work-life integration that come with such arrangements. Employers need to embrace technology, provide the necessary tools for seamless collaboration, and establish policies that enable flexible work setups to attract and retain this talent pool.

The Institute of Student Employers conducted a survey asking graduates what they wanted most in a workplace. The findings showed that the most important aspects for employees were "flexible work location (with hybrid or remote working options)", and "flexible work hours". Try to meet graduates' expectations to be able to work in a flexible manner.


Company culture


2 in 5 graduates believe that a company’s people and culture are the most important factors when considering employment. Keep your organisation’s core values front and centre in every operational and organisational aspect of the business. Graduates' expectations are that a strong culture fosters teamwork, community, inclusivity, and exponential engagement. 


Diversity and inclusion


For today's graduates, diversity and inclusion have taken on significant importance. They respect organisations that welcome different perspectives, promote inclusive settings, and actively oppose discrimination and bias. Employee resource groups, unbiased performance reviews, and varied hiring procedures are all initiatives for diversity and inclusion. Organisations may recruit diverse people, boost creativity, and promote innovation by fostering an inclusive culture.

RecruitAGraduate deals with graduates on a daily basis, and we know that by meeting graduates’ expectations and adapting to their needs, organisations can attract top talent, foster employee engagement, and drive long-term success in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

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With RecruitAGraduate you can tap into a pool of qualified and enthusiastic talent that could add value to your organisation, and fill a critical skills gap. RecruitAGraduate is the graduate recruitment agency that makes hiring the best graduates from college and university easy. We bring you trusted Interns and graduates - the next generation of leaders.

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