5 Reasons it Makes Sense to Hire Interns

5 Reasons it Makes Sense to Hire Graduates

The concept of the humble internship has evolved. No longer does one hire graduates to get your coffee or do a bit of photocopying, interns bring current, often technology based knowledge to the table which companies can tap into. The job market is more challenging than ever before for graduates, and work experience or an internship on a graduate’s CV can make all the difference. Very much aware of this, graduates know that the opportunity of an internship can set them on a path for future career success, and are guaranteed to optimize any internship that comes their way. Interns work hard and are up for any challenge. Here are five reasons why it makes business sense to hire interns:

1. Interns Can Become Future Employees

Interns are the perfect ‘try before you buy.’ An internship allows you to bring in fresh, new talent into the company for a trial period with no commitment beyond the initial agreement. However, if you are impressed with the intern’s performance, they fit in with the company culture and you are in a position to employ a new employee, then it makes sense to hire them.

2. Interns Have a Lot to Offer Via Reverse-Mentorship

Reverse-Mentorship is exactly what it sounds like: it flips the traditional mentor-mentee role on its head and makes space for the mentor to learn from the intern. Graduates have a fresh outlook and perspective on the world. It’s part of the reason people hire them. Tapping into your intern’s fresh perspective on life can boost your business. It doesn’t have to be a formal ‘Sit down and tell me how your brain works,’ situation either. Chat to your intern, take them for coffee and pick their brain about what kinds of media they consume, what technologies they use and how. What social platforms they engage on and where and how they connect with their peers. These valuable insights can be implemented into your marketing strategy or new business innovations.

3. Interns Bring a Fresh Perspective

Interns are young and bring with them an injection of energy and a boost of new ideas. A fresh pair of eyes on your brand is invaluable, especially since interns are generally young enough to suggest new digital channels which could take your business processes or brand’s marketing to the next level. Also, since interns have recently graduated and are still in the student headspace of learning and keeping up with new trends, their ideas and thoughts will be beneficial to your company and help your business to grow.

4. Interns are Cost Effective

It is more cost effective to hire an intern than it is to take on a new permanent  staff member. An effective internship programme can counter this. As interns have qualifications but generally not much experience, they are entry-level candidates who do not need to be paid big salary packages. What they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm and tech-savviness making them extremely high value for money. Also interns do not need or expect to be the recipient of your company benefits scheme.

5. Interns Offer Your Company Good Socio-Economic Standing

South Africa’s unemployment rate is at a record high of 34.4%, and our youth unemployment rate rose to an even more alarming 64.4% in the second quarter of 2021. With statistics like this  it makes moral sense to hire interns. Young graduates are the future workforce.  All businesses will require the future workforce to be a skilled workforce.

Young graduates are hardworking and desperate for a chance to prove themselves. By hiring an intern you can change the course of a young graduate’s life, whether you offer them a job at the end of the internship or not. In times like these we must all do our part, and companies look favourably on other companies who they see doing their bit to end unemployment. It’s a task for all of us, together we can lower the unemployment rate one internship at a time.

Interns are eager to gain valuable work experience and their knowledge can benefit your company. You don’t need to run a complex internship programme, even one intern once a year can ease your work load and inject fresh and exciting energy into your company.

How Do You Hire an Intern in South Africa?

At RecruitAGraduate we take the hard work out of recruiting interns and graduates by presenting you with the best vetted and interviewed graduates. We will not waste your time.

You can hire graduates by simply sending a request to admin@recruitagraduate.co.za and a service consultant will assist you, or you can load an internship opportunity directly onto the site.

At RecruitAGraduate we make hiring graduates easy. We assess graduates based on their CV’s, including the factors described above. We interview the applicants to ensure that their communication skills are of the highest calibre. In addition we offer various checks, on-line skills and psychometric testing if required. Load a job today.

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