What are RecruitAGraduate's Fees?

Hire a graduate or intern through RecruitAGraduate.

We take the hassle out of the recruiting process by offering employers a full agency service or a low-touch CV service. Talk to us about your needs.

We offer the following: 

  • Graduate recruiting
  • Internship recruiting 
  • Contracting for graduates and interns
  • Low touch CV service
  • Retainer based recruiting for companies seeking regular graduate hiring

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What features does RecruitAGraduate offer their employers?

  • A dedicated recruitment professional that manages the recruitment process for you.
  • A call from a friendly expert to discuss the problem you are trying to solve through graduate recruitment. 
  • Assistance from a real person that understands the local context.
  • A job listing on our site with an optional company logo feature.
  • A qualified short-list of the top CV’s from the recruitment manager.
  • Assistance to obtain various background checks you may require.
  • Pay only upon making a successful placement.

Where does RecruitAGraduate operate?

RecruitAGraduate is based in South Africa. We operate nationwide in the main metropolises, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, as well as the rest of the country. Furthermore, we assist companies in recruiting South African graduates globally.

How can my company claim from the Skills Development Levy?

The employer needs to be registered for the Skills Levy contribution and be registered at the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). SARS will be able to identify which SETA is relevant to the business. This will allow the company to offer apprenticeships or internships on an outlined programme. Funding may be provided for apprenticeships and internships from the Skills Development Levy.

What is the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)

Employment Tax Incentive explained

Why is there an ETI? 

Millions of young South Africans are excluded from participating in economic activity, and as a result suffer disproportionately from unemployment, discouragement and economic marginalisation. High youth unemployment means young people are not gaining the skills or experience needed to drive the economy forward. This lack of skills can have long-term adverse effects on the economy.

What is YES for youth?

What is YES? 

South Africa’s Youth Employment Service aims to create jobs for the youth in line with South Africa’s national development goals. Once a company is registered with the YES platform you can recieve the benefits. Recruit A Graduate assists companies to source youth for the YES program. 

How can my company benefit from YES? 

What are the benefits of employing graduates?

  • Companies can increase their BBBEE rating through skills development via the Youth Employment Service (YES). See Question on YES
  • Companies can receive a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax reduction through the Employment Tax Incentive. See Question on Employment Tax incentive
  • For apprentices and internships, companies can claim back skills development tax from the Skills Levy. See Question on SDL


Can an employer terminate a Fixed term contract?

Fixed term contracts can be used for various reasons. Employees may be required for a project for a specific time period or a job may only be available for a specific time, for example when an employee is on maternity leave. Fixed term contracts may be terminated at the arrival of a specific point in a project, for instance, an electrician’s contract will terminate if that part of the project is completed.    

What happens if an employee resigns when employed on a Fixed term contract?

An employee may resign before the date of the contract ends. If this happens RecruitAGraduate will replace the candidate, and if a suitable candidate cannot be found within an agreed reasonable time frame the fee for the remainder of the contract will be refunded to the client.

Is there a warranty for permanent placements?

Should the permanent placement of the RecruitAGraduate graduate not be successful and the services of the graduate is terminated lawfully by either the client or graduate, RecruitAGraduate must be given the opportunity to replace the candidate with another candidate and no additional placement fee will be charged for the 2nd placement. The client must provide a written request for a 2nd placement. This warranty is on the condition that there is no difference between the remuneration of candidates.