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Our  Service

Pay only upon success! Load a job specification as an employer and our trained recruiters will do the time-consuming work to find the right talent for the job.

  • A dedicated recruitment professional that manages the recruitment process for you.
  • A call from a friendly expert to discuss the problem you are trying to solve through graduate recruitment. 
  • Assistance from a real person that understands the local context.
  • A job listing on our site with an optional company logo feature.
  • A qualified short-list of the top CV’s from the recruitment manager.
  • Assistance to obtain various background checks you may require.
  • Pay only upon making a successful placement.
  • A 3 month warranty included for permanent positions (see T&C's)
  • Support from your recruitment manager when you need it.
Fees For Full Agency Service
  • Permanent Job :
    12% calculated on annual CTC.
  • 12 month Fixed Duration contract:
    12% calculated on annual CTC.
  • 1-11 month Fixed Duration contract:
    15% calculated on contract CTC.
  • Independent Contracting:
    rate is skill and length of contract dependent.


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